Mountain Mamas Story


Erin Howell and Sierra Lake have been best friends since 2008. The story on how that became is just as fun as the years that have come after. Our kids have been growing up together and our lives have taken many twists and turns but what has stayed the same is the love and support we have for each other. When we began the venture into this business, we just simply wanted to get people out on adventures, we had no idea what it would look like. It has turned into something we could have never imagined. We love the outdoors and what feeling that brings us and we love even more getting to help others experience it the same way we do. We offer experienced guiding to people who want to take that first step. People who love to hike but want to venture further and need a safety net of experience. People who want to explore into different outdoor activities. Or people who want to get into adventurous activities. With MMO you have a certified NASM personal trainer, and an experienced EMT with an emphasis on wilderness emergencies. We both bring a sense of humor to lighten any mood and a playfulness to ease your worries with trying something new. We would love to take you out on an adventure!