Mountain Mamas Story


Once upon a time, there were two women who loved to be in the woods. Finding adventure whenever they could. Doing it alone did not scare them, as long as they could be out on a trail they were happy. The views were there to give them comfort and companionship. They loved the chances that they had to get on a trail together or on the river and cherished those moments. Social media is a wonderful tool that they could post photos of all their adventures. Not purposefully but inevitably causing slight envy amongst the people of the kingdom. “We wish we could be as adventurous as you ladies.” “We want to get out and see those places.” “We don’t know who to go with or where to go.” These were sentiments heard often by the two women.

One day on an adventure together the thought popped into their minds on how might we help people find their adventure, and how might we be able to do what we love and get paid for it so that we can continue this passion regularly. Thus, the idea began. It built and formed and turned into a shape that looked like something that was possible. From there these ladies took the skills abilities each had and formed what we know as Mountain Mamas Outfitter LLC. At MMO you can come to see us to be companions on adventures or in your fitness. We can help you with your fitness to help you have the ability to conquer the tall peaks that you are dreaming of conquering. Sometimes, the companionship is all it takes to help you reach your goals or to find your adventure and we are here to be that companion for you!

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