Mountain Mamas Story


Once upon a time, there were two women who sought out to make their own adventures in the wilderness. Amidst the forestry in the mountains, Sierra Howell and Erin Lake found that they loved venturing out on a trail, even if they’re out on their lonesome! The breathtaking views and serene environment comforted them, leading to even more adventures that challenged them along the way. When people began asking them how they could venture out by themselves so many times, Sierra and Erin realized they could share their adventures and teach curious minds in their community about fitness and being out in the natural world. What’s more, is they realized the passion they had for planning their adventures and all the learning they do along the way. Seeking the thrill of mapped trails and newfound trails, these adventurers have seen it all. At Mountain Mamas Outfitters LLC., Sierra and Erin are dedicated to safely bringing trekkers of all experience levels to the outdoors to challenge themselves and learn about their natural environment. To ensure you are prepared for your journey, Sierra and Erin go above and beyond with extensively planned, all-inclusive trips and train you for trails as well. To ensure inclusivity, Sierra and Erin use their “Couch to Mountain Top” program, where adventurers undergo conditioning and strength training and learn how to backpack and hike at a variety of altitudes. All you need to do to start your own adventure is take the first step, the Mountain Mamas will guide you every step of the way. For inspiration, take a look at the Past Adventures!