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One of the reasons this business was started was hearing over and over again "I don't feel I can physically do this hike." We don't ever want that to stop someone from getting to the places they want to go. Our Couch to Mountain Top Program is the perfect answer to that obstacle. Sierra has a B.S. in exercise science and is a certified NASM personal trainer. MMF programs are like none other. We work specifically for you. Catering to how your body works. Not one program is the same, just like not one body is the same. We will be working with any injuries you currently have or have had in the past, flexibility issues that you may have as well as stability. We also walk you through setting your goals. Combined with Erin as an experienced chef helping you with meal ideas is an added bonus. Erin and Sierra together have the energy and the motivation and the personalities you need to make it never feel like work.

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Personal Training


Couch to Mountain Top

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Hunting Readiness Program

Here For You

Personal training is a great addition to your health regimen. Sometimes keeping motivated is an issue and having someone there to encourage and motivate you is worth every penny. This program is set up for you and your needs specifically and is set up for a long term relationship. This program will be set up to work with your schedule and with what you have set for your goals. This program can be done in person or virtually.

Next Level Service

The Couch to Mountain Top program is an intensive 8 week program consisting of a solid program created just for you. This includes 3 one hour sessions in the gym or virtually. This program will get you ready for your next adventure. Getting into hiking or backpacking? With this program the mamas will walk you through all you need to know for going on your next adventure. This program can be done in person or virtually.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Are you coming to Montana for a hunt? There are so many things that will hinder you from getting all out of the hunt as you can. Altitude and the elevation gains in the mountains of Montana can be more than what you expected. This program is set up to get you ready for your hunt. With a gym in a bag, access to how to videos, and one on one virtual sessions with a personal trainer you are sure to be ready to conquer your hunt.