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Meet the Mountain Mamas

Meet the Mountain Mamas: Text
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Erin Howell

Erin is a true outdoorswoman whose passion lies in sharing the secrets of the natural environment with novice adventurers. Erin was born in North Georgia into a military family and moved around for the majority of her childhood. But when she moved to Montana at 15, she always knew she would call it home. When Erin was finally able to start a life for herself, she found herself working for several culinary high-end establishments before answering the call of the mountains.

After some time, Erin took interest in the rescue field and enrolled in Aerie Backcountry Medicine to get her certification as an EMT with an emphasis in wilderness safety. This later led to her developing an interest in firefighting and working as a volunteer firefighter for the East Missoula Rural Fire Department for 3 years. These experiences would then lead to her co-founding Mountain Mamas Outfitters as a qualified safety and wilderness guide for those that wish to venture outdoors.

Erin is a mother of two, a daughter and a son, and in her spare time, she and her kids enjoy hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing, art, good food, soccer, camping, and traveling. She loves God, her kids, her family and the family she’s found in the church, and her time volunteering with the fire department.

Sierra Lake

An adventurer and traveler, Sierra is, and always has been, a mountain child through and through. Born and raised in Montana, the outdoors has been a big part of her life for as long as she can remember, as she grew up going on regular outdoor adventures with her family. Sierra carried her passion for the wilderness into adulthood and has made it a part of her kids’ lives as well.

After taking the leap and going back to school, Sierra received a B.S. in Exercise Science from the University of Montana and later became a certified personal trainer through NASM.

Sierra’s happiest when she’s climbing and scaling a rock. After recovering from a climbing accident where she broke her foot, Sierra has learned about balance and how to honor her limits, allowing herself the time to heal. Through this experience, she found other ways to stay active and moving without overexerting herself. She’s realized there’s just as much value in rest as there is in pushing yourself to your limits.

In Sierra’s free time, she enjoys hiking, camping, climbing, mountain biking, hula hooping, and sharing all of these hobbies with her loving family.

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