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Bridge Mountain
Back Pack Trip

Come and visit the Las Vegas as you’ve never seen before. Outside of this busy city is the beautiful Mojave Desert where you’ll be amazed at the scenery the desert holds. Have your breath taken by the colors of the rock and the flora and fauna, sunsets and sunrises.

Day 1 - On Our Way

We will pick everyone up from the airport. From here we will get to camp and get settled in. Campers will be two to a tent and tents will already be set up. If you wish to bring your own tent you are welcome to do so and set it up on arrival to the campground. We will have a snack and time to chat before we fill our water bottles and set out for our first hike. This is a short hike and perfect to start on. On return to the camp your guides will start a fire in the fire pit and begin dinner. You are welcome to provide your own alcohol that can be consumed at the end of the night and we will provide a cooler for beverages.

*******Alcohol will not be permitted during the hikes and will be strictly enforced. This is a desert and there is not a lot of options for water in the back country of this setting, we do not need anything else helping along a possible dehydration emergency. If alcohol usage is suspected on the trail we will turn the group around and head back to camp.

Day 2 – Getting There

We pack up camp early in the morning. Packing in our packs only the necessities for a night out in the mountains. Water will be the heaviest thing we will pack in our bags. Breakfast, coffee, and tea will all be prepared for you. Lunch items will be laid out for you to prepare a lunch for this trek. Once packed up and ready to set out we will head to the parking lot for the trail. This trek will take us all day one way. We will take it slower and enjoy the sights throughout. We will have a nice chance to relax and enjoy lunch before moving forward. There is water on this trail but there is a possibility it will be dried up. We will carry a pump to filter water as we find it. At the top we will set up camp and cozy in for the night and enjoy the sunset at the top. We do need to pack warm clothing and a good 0° sleeping bag is recommended. We will be at around 7200 feet at the top. Dinner will be easy and we will relax and take in the sights of the evening.

Day 3 – Taking It In

We will wake up and have coffee and a little breakfast. We will break down camp and make our way back the way we came. After we return to the campground, we will set up camp and have a little down time and snacks. Don’t forget to pack some reading material and a journal! Dinner will be made and served and we will enjoy the rest of the night.

Day 4 – Early Start

We will plan to leave camp early in the morning. First breakfast and then pack up lunches and fill all our water jugs and bottles. We will head to the Valley of Fire. Here we will enjoy the splendor of this park. We will visit multiple trails. The park closes at sunset and we will head back to our campsite where we will enjoy dinner and some down time with some time to reflect on your favorite spot.

Day 5 – Vegas Baby!

We will wake in the morning at a reasonable time. Enjoy some rest and don’t move too fast. We will get breakfast ready and break down camp. At around noon we will make way to our accommodations in town. Once there and our bags are dropped we will head into town for a hot yoga session to stretch all of the muscles we put to work during this trip. From there we go to our accommodations and we will clean up for a night on the strip. Here you are welcome to do as you please. Dinner is on your own. Your guides will stay on the strip until 11 pm and there will be an allocated meeting place. If you wish to stay on the strip longer you are welcome to but you will have to acquire your own transportation back to the place we are staying.

Day 6 – Transportation

back to the airport and say goodbye to another wonderful adventure!

Not Included in this trip 


Alcoholic beverages 

Dinner the last night 


Trip insurance (global insurance recommended)

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