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How to prepare for a hike

Being active in your every day life will give you a leg up when coming to one of Mountain Mamas excursion. You can start doing short hikes around your area with your pack on 2-3 days a week to help you get used to your pack and make sure it fits and rides well.  If you feel like you need a more in depth program click on our Couch to Mountain Top Program to prep you for your trip!


The elevation on our hikes is between 4000ft to 7000 ft. Most of the time we begin around 5000 feet and end somewhere around 6000 ft. If you are from a low elevation area we recommend getting here a day or so early to see how you do at higher elevation. If you have pre-existing lung or heart issues please be sure to let us know before you come out.


Summer in Montana is generally warm with highs in the 80s and 90s and lows in the 40s and 50s.  However Montana weather is notoriously unpredictable especially in the back country. Also the higher the elevation, the colder it can be during the night, we recommend having a sleeping bag rated to at least 30 degrees.  An unexpected storm can blow in one canyon but not the one next to it. Storms generally don’t last long so if there is one its over fairly quick.  Its always good to be prepared for any weather. It’ll be cold in the mornings where you’ll want all your layers and then by noon you’ll be in shorts and a tee shirt.  I pack a pair of shorts, a pair of pants, an undershirt, a warm pair of socks, a pull over or sweatshirt, a vest, and a good outer shell. This gives me enough layers to stay warm and peel them off as the day goes by to cool off.

Travel Insurance

The travel insurance we would recommend is at Travel insurance is highly recommended due to the nature of this kind of experience. Many factors can cause cancellations including but not limited to, natural disasters such as fires. landslides, bear activity, or blizzards, political situations such as government closures and the forest service is included in that, or illness of you or your group.

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Cancelation Policy

Due to the nature of this service Mountain Mamas does not offer any refund for any services at any time. Travel insurance is highly recommended. This includes but is not limited to natural disasters such as blizzard, flooding, fire, landslides etc. Aggressive animal activity by bears, wolves, or mountain lions. Government closures, pandemic, illness, scheduling issues etc. In case of some of these we may be able to accommodate by changing the trail that has been chosen. Mountain Mamas will do everything to their ability to keep your reservation.