Camping Trips

One or more nights on one of our four beautiful trails. As your guides we will set up camp, cook dinner and clean up. You will be responsible for carrying your own tent/hammock, sleeping bag, other personal items and some food. Our fun and outgoing guides will help you explore the woods and learn about our forests. You will have an experienced EMT with you at all times and a personal trainer who can tell you how you can be hiking better. Every morning will start out with coffee and a yoga session to get you ready for the day. After yoga flow, we will have breakfast in camp and then breakdown camp and get packed for the day.

Camping Options:
OPTION ONE: Fully Furnished

Camp includes backpack, tent, sleeping pads, sleeping bag,


You are providing your backpack, tent, sleeping pad and sleeping bag. You are responsible for making sure your bag meet the temperature requirements.

Camp Trips are base price $350 per person per day. Contact us for more information so we can customize your trip. Customizable aspects that may affect price food, type of tent/bedding, if you carry your own pack or other transportation arrangements made by MMO.


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