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Whether it is in the mountains of Montana or somewhere in the desert, one thing is for sure, these Mamas know how to find an adventure. Scroll through and click to view all of the stunning locations Mountain Mamas has to offer. Join for a day trip or for a week long backpack trip. Ask us how you can tailor your adventure to fit your needs.

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Sweat House Falls

Sweat House Falls is a beautiful trail for a day hike. Let Mountain Mamas pack a lunch and show you out on this adventure.


Roaring Lion

Roaring Lion is a beautiful place to pack a bag and find some solitude. With such stunning views this would be a perfect trail to go for a multi day trip and just take in some fresh air and relax.


Sweeney Creek

Sweeney Creek is not for the faint of heart. The elevation gain can be a lot but when you have elevation like that you have views you just cannot beat. This can be a day hike or pack a bag. This trail you do need to be prepared to work for it though.


Big Creek`

Big Creek! Such a magical place. The foliage and the creeks running through this trail make your entire experience wonderful. Whether you are in for just a day to a week long backpacking trip.


Camas & Kidney Lake

Camas and Kidney lakes are wonderful for a day trip. Bring a fishing pole and have lunch by the lake. Perfect for a first time hike or for a day stroll.


The Continental Divide Trail

Want to take on a part of the continental divide well let us take you on the beautiful spot in the bitterroot national forest. This can be done as a point to point at just over 25 miles or we can make it an in and out coming in at just over 50. This can be just a day hike as well and go in just as far as you like. You can't go wrong with this trail.


Las Vegas

Come Explore Las Vegas like you have never seen before. Leave the lights and sounds of the city and find the magic of the Mojave Desert.

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